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As an employee there are certain costs that HMRC allow you to claim tax relief for. These costs can include certain mileage, maintenance of uniforms, subscriptions, membership fees and many more.
Our Tax Back service is here to claim that tax back for you and can go back as far as four years, meaning there could be hundreds of pounds waiting for you to claim.

How it works and our fees:

We offer our service on a no Tax Back no fee basis with no upfront payment. Therefore you only pay us if and when HMRC pay your claim for tax relief. Our fee is £25 per claim up to £250 tax reclaimed and 10% thereafter, so for instance a repayment of £400 would incur a fee of £40.
To make the claim all you have to do is complete our quick online form allowing us to post you our Tax Back pack to complete and return to us in order to make the claim on your behalf. Once HMRC accept your claim they will send payment to us, which we will pass on to you with our fee deducted.

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